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The Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to all of you! It's been 238 years now since our 56 founding fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, to break free from the chains of the British Empire. 12 more years to go and it will be a very big milestone. XD

Now, as promised, you're getting the results of McDanno-Fan5's Most Hated Characters of 2014.

So, here goes.

Well, even though I still dislike Oliver from Brady Bunch and Alan from Two and a Half Men, I think it's easier to put up with them, as I only watch those sitcoms, and they're not my fandoms.
But, if I was to think about it, then Sitcom Ruiner Award goes to... Alan Harper.
Here you go, Mr. Marge-Simpson'ish killjoy, cheapskate, uptight nerd, hypocrite and leach. Stop! Living! Off! Others! Become! Self-sufficient!
Even though I don't like Oliver, I gave the award to Alan because Oliver only appeared in the last six episodes of the Brady Bunch, while Alan has appeared in every episode of Two and a Half Men. Bah!
Thank you, Mr. Harper, please come collect your award now.

Moving on to the next award: Failing To Live Up To Expectations Award. And it goes to... Tego Leo and Rico Santos.
Seriously? From all the Fast Five discussions, this extremely unhilarious constantly bickering duo is supposed to be comic relief? Well, give me a break! Their lines were corny as fuck, and the toilet blow-up scene really felt immature to me. Bah! Seriously, if you want comic relief, look at Rome! Him and even Tej are better than providing comic relief than those two- I don't even know the word to describe them! And also, since I'm more of Brian than Dom fan, I didn't even see Los Bandoleros, where they were introduced.

So, thank you for wasting my time, Mr. Leo and Mr. Santos, please collect your award and do me a favor, don't ever return to any Fast & Furious movies. Actually, since I don't plan on watching any movies after 7th one (due to Paul Walker's death, it's really time to end the franchise there), I don't actually care, do whatever you want.


And now, the Worst. Character. Ever. Award goes to... *sarcastic drums please* Monica Fuentes.

Even though Paul Walker died at the end of last year, I'm not writing off Brian for good. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a Jordana Brewster fanboy (though I adore her) or a Eva Mendes hater, but Monica's character just pisses me off. I mean, fine, Brian and Mia were not together by 2 Fast 2 Furious, but I don't believe Brian would have actually gotten over her, and so Monica slutting over Brian is quite unjustified. My thoughts on some scenes with her:
1) The "I ride with you cowboy" was really corny and slutty for me. Heck, if I was Brian, I would have told her to get in Rome's car, that "I need my space" or something. The flirting in the car was already bleh to me, I wish Rome would have interrupted them earlier.
2) "Both you girlies shut up"? You shut up and do not attempt to claim Brian.
3) The interest in Brian's watch in the club - she also gave off the golddigger impression.
4) Coming to warn Brian and Rome about Verone's intentions. Okay, you're doing your job, but at least don't freaking kiss Brian out of the blue! He belongs with Mia, not with you, just spill the beans and escape! Also, with Enrique and Roberto already outside, don't waste more time with your slutting and go already! Rome can't stall the goonboys forever for Christ's sake!
5) "So you trust me now?" Fine, I trust you, on condition that you stay away from Brian and don't attempt to get him interested in you. I surely hope that after Verone's incarceration Brian and Monica never saw each other again.
There you have it, that concludes my thoughts on her.

And also, since I'm a Brian/Mia shipper and totally discourage Brian/Monica: TFATF-the-fast-and-the-furious-369033_483_346

Ms. Fuentes, you may now come and collect your award, whilst getting pelted with rotten tomatoes. Now, as I said about Mr. Leo and Mr. Santos, feel free to do whatever you want.

And now this concludes he worst characters' awards session. Thank you for watching, happy Independence Day again and good night! XD