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Thoughts on Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics

So I've been reading fanfiction basically for four years now, and got into writing a year or so later. Now why I said it? Because just around that time, a new trope was introduced into fanfiction: Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics. Now because some aspects of it make me feel uncomfortable, I made this post to show what are the rules for all my 'Omegaverse writings.

The original prompt came from a late-2010 Supernatural Kink Meme prompt:
“There are three types of men, alpha males, beta males and omega males. Alpha males are like any ordinary guy with the exception of their cocks, they work just like canines (the knot, tons of cum, strong breeders, etc). The beta male, is an ordinary guy without the special cock. Omega males are capable of child bearing and are often called bitch males.”

Okay, to sum it up, let's start with (re)defining the trope.

On top of the hierarchy, we have the Alphas. Now as said above, Alpha males are the special kind on top of the hierarchy. Basically, they have the special penis with a knot, based on the canid animals' bulbus clandis erectile tissue – a dog's cock is locked inside it's mating partner's vagina for some time to ensure a successful mating.

Alpha females are born with penises in place of clitoris and urethra, and they are not very fertile. Basically, their penises are half the length of Alpha males' penises, and they also have a knot. Well, as I'm not into hermaphrodites, the thing of a woman with a cock just turns me off. Not to mention that they're able to impregnate Beta females and Omegas. Now the thought or a woman impregnating a man is not only so conflicting with the laws of nature, but also purely disgusting in my opinion. *shoots self* Though the Alpha females can get pregnant themselves (by Beta or Omega males), it is highly unlikely.

A Beta male is just your average Joe: he doesn't have a knot on his cock, and can't get pregnant.

Likewise, a Beta female is your average Jane: she doesn't have a cock, and isn't hyper-fertile.

And now we come to the one that also causes me the problems: the Omegas.

It may be because I'm a guy that I hate Mpreg, which distinguishes Omega males from Alphas and Betas. Or maybe that I'm a realism lover – in RL men don't have the capabilities of bearing a child, and even in FF the thought of a man having internal female reproductive organs just disgusts me. Plus, even if possible, it would still be very unhealthy and unsafe for a man to give birth through the anus. While Omega males can also be fathers, it's a very rare case, as they're more seen as “mothers” in this trope. Although, to be honest, an Omega male really is kind of a woman in a man's body. And I believe that this trope was just created to rationalize Mpreg. Add to the fact that Omegas are almost always the “bottom” ones. Also the fact that Omega males are for some reason written to have small penises (around the size of Alpha females), is disgustingly misandristic IMO. Though as said, they can still impregnate Alpha or Beta females in rare instances.

But I feel kinda disgusted that for all the A/B/O fics, most of the Omegas are male. I especially hate Omega!Brian from Fast and the Furious fandom, as much as Brian/Monica pairing. Yuck!

Well, at least I don't read Teen Wolf and Supernatural fandoms, which seem to be the most popular fandoms for A/B/O.

However, I have no problems with Omega females. They're basically just like normal females, with the exception of being hyper-fertile, usually giving birth to two or more at the time. Now you might want to shoot me for possible misogynist language, but well, a woman is made by the nature to bear and to give birth to a child, while a man isn't. Possibly the reason why I hate Mpreg.

Practically, the Alphas and Omegas are mostly portrayed as being rare. I have no problems with that, and I can have it carried over to my personal 'Omegaverses the way I'd want it:

Alpha males – 7%; Beta males – 93%; Omega males – 0%
Alpha females – 0%; Beta females – 96.5%; Omega females – 3.5%

While I can't really redefine the trope at full, I can still add another rule for my 'Omegaverses: Alpha females and Omega males are non-existent.


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Jun. 16th, 2014 08:04 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I can't handle the Alpha female with a penis thing. Though most of the ones I've read don't even mention Alpha females it seems? I have, but they've never been my main pairing since I don't get into het or femslash much. That said, if I ever did get into it, they'd have a normal vagina just like everyone else. I also don't make distinctions between a guy's penis is relation to status... That's just crap in my opinion. I'm also not into the knotting aspect so, that could be another reason I don't make said distinction as well.

I do admit to quite enjoying the Omega males getting pregnant thing though... But then, I also figured out a way for it to work without taking away their manhood or being completely impossible. It's probably sad I've sat and thought of this. Thus far in my A/B/O-verse stories though I haven't had any mpreg- save for that Dom/Owen one I did, but Owen's son was already born and thus I didn't get into it. However, for the sequels to Listen to Your Heart and Brian's Omegas, I'll be getting into it, which means my figuring out of things will have not been for nothing! Haha.

I agree with the stereotyping too... That's why my Omegas are all strong, independent, and can handle themselves. Whether that's unusual or the norm has varied between fics, but I think I've been favoring the "it's completely normal, especially for male Omegas who fight Alphas to make them prove their worth" route... kindda like a wolf wanting a potential mate to prove themselves. Went that route in Brian's Omegas and seemed to work really well and I think it makes sense for a trope like that.

I also don't like pigeon-holing someone as a bottom or top in ANY story, not just A/B/O's... That's why my boys always switch. I don't always mention that they do, but I think it's pretty well implied in most all of them. So try to do that with A/B/O as well... Carter was agreeing that he'd let Brian top him in Listen to Your Heart, with the Brian/Vince one I didn't really get that far though, nor did I go there in Brian's Omegas or the Dom/Owen but then there was zero sex in those ones as well, so...

All and all I really do like the trope. And just like with Sentinel/Guide stuff, there's a wide variety out there to find. Everyone does their own little spin on things which I appreciate. Some things I like, some I don't, but... *shrugs*
Jun. 17th, 2014 09:56 am (UTC)
Lol, I surely didn't expect anyone to comment on this, it was more like clearing my thoughts, and possibly a heads-up for readers when I should get to writing an A/B/O story once. But thanks anyway.

Technically saying, I don't really mind A/B/O, but for me, it has some flaws. Well, the fact that it's almost exclusively Slash (about 90% according to AO3 stats), could be a problem for me, as Mpreg really makes me feel uncomfortable, but since I probably will never be forced to write a story involving it, I won't also really have a problem with reading it. Though I have to mention that I will never ever read a Non-A/B/O Mpreg.
Though I'd have to really thank Spy for filling one of my dt-garage prompts which had Mia as an unclaimed Omega in heat and Brian scenting her out when her suppressants failed and she went into heat. Still didn't like the ending though when they didn't stay together. *mixed feelings*

Though about A/B/O I do hate stereotyping. Such as about Fast & Furious, where Brian is almost always smashed into the Omega role. It's been bothering me even more since the death of Paul Walker. I myself don't really mind Brian whumping, but I hate him being portrayed as unable to stand his ground. Brian hasn't struck me as that kind of guy.

Yup, even though I can make some exceptions to Mpreg, there are still some I can't. Especially the Alpha female thing. A woman impregnating a man is so in I-don't-want-to-live-on-this-planet-anymore category for me.

But as said, I can still fully disable Alpha females and Omega males for my own potential A/B/O stories.
Jun. 17th, 2014 06:32 pm (UTC)
That's why I like the strong Omegas. They don't fit the stereotype and therefore I don't mind characters like Brian being an Omega. I don't like it when people take strong characters and make them weak- no matter the trope. I admit I've BROKEN characters before, but they've still never been weak. They've been made all the stronger for it.
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