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2013 in the Books

So, one year has come to an end now. I must say it was really controversial. First the Snowden scandal, then death of Tom Clancy, then the death of Paul Walker, which really crushed me as he was one of my favorite actors, but now I'm starting to slowly live with it.

But on media side, there were many very good next installations of series: A Good Day to Die Hard, Hangover Part III (Okay, maybe it wasn't that good, but I had fun watching it), Fast and Furious 6 and on video games' side we got two good games from Electronic Arts: Need For Speed: Rivals and Battlefield 4.

On personal side, I finally got out of high school in June and now I'm gonna take out a gap year, and probably a next one for 2014/2015 season if I feel like it. We'll see.

I'm on a vacation in Europe, but I'm still kind of spending days and nights in Facebook, Livejournal, Fanfiction, et cetera. Wow. Anyway, here's to the stories.

I'm slowly starting to have bunnies for "Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis" returning, which means that sometime now Ch.8 will be up.

Plus I wanted to make more Military!Brian (Navy SEAL), so I have finished the prologue for my new story, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday". We'll see when I shall get off my lazy ass and share it with others.

As for Hawaii Five-0 fandom, I now have two stories being written. One is based on a Starsky & Hutch episode, other one is yet another AU.

And, happy 2014 to everyone and all of you!


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