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Today, twelve years ago...

It was an awful crime against our nation that happened twelve years ago in New York.

Back then, I had just gotten into 1st grade a week ago on September 3. So on this Tuesday morning at around 8 AM, I was just about to get on my way to school, when I suddenly heard my mom crying in the living room. I rushed back there and saw that the American Airlines Flight 11 had been flown into the WTC North Tower in New York. And fifteen minutes later, the United 175 was flown into South Tower. Just some three minutes later, my dad rushed in through the door and started making frantic phone calls. His older brother Patrick had been on a business trip in NYC that day, and my dad was relieved after getting a phone call that he was okay.

But my father's paternal uncle Francis (USMC 1965-1972; Sergeant/E-5) had lost one of his Vietnam War comrades there. And my family knew more people who had lost loved ones on that fateful day.

And the other day, my little bro, who's currently 16, suddenly told us that he didn't want to go to college after he graduated high school, which would be around June 2015. Maybe I'll be on my second gap year then, maybe not, but he said that he wanted to become a Navy SEAL himself. Well, out of us two Perkins brothers, he's been more courageous and vicious than me. -.- So I'm thinking, should I support his decision or attempt to talk him out of this one? He himself also said that he would not intend to retire until he has made it to Master Chief Petty Officer, that's E-9 and takes around 20 years or so to reach. Not to mention that's it's not even easy to become a Chief Petty Officer (E-7), as only around one tenth of the enlisted sailors make it past E-6 (Petty Officer 1st Class), and only around one percent of sailors reach E-9 (which is like that in all branches). So give me some advice on what to do with him if you can. To support him or not?