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The Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to all of you! It's been 238 years now since our 56 founding fathers adopted the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, to break free from the chains of the British Empire. 12 more years to go and it will be a very big milestone. XD

Now, as promised, you're getting the results of McDanno-Fan5's Most Hated Characters of 2014.

So, here goes.

Well, even though I still dislike Oliver from Brady Bunch and Alan from Two and a Half Men, I think it's easier to put up with them, as I only watch those sitcoms, and they're not my fandoms.
But, if I was to think about it, then Sitcom Ruiner Award goes to... Alan Harper.
Here you go, Mr. Marge-Simpson'ish killjoy, cheapskate, uptight nerd, hypocrite and leach. Stop! Living! Off! Others! Become! Self-sufficient!
Even though I don't like Oliver, I gave the award to Alan because Oliver only appeared in the last six episodes of the Brady Bunch, while Alan has appeared in every episode of Two and a Half Men. Bah!
Thank you, Mr. Harper, please come collect your award now.

Moving on to the next award: Failing To Live Up To Expectations Award. And it goes to... Tego Leo and Rico Santos.
Seriously? From all the Fast Five discussions, this extremely unhilarious constantly bickering duo is supposed to be comic relief? Well, give me a break! Their lines were corny as fuck, and the toilet blow-up scene really felt immature to me. Bah! Seriously, if you want comic relief, look at Rome! Him and even Tej are better than providing comic relief than those two- I don't even know the word to describe them! And also, since I'm more of Brian than Dom fan, I didn't even see Los Bandoleros, where they were introduced.

So, thank you for wasting my time, Mr. Leo and Mr. Santos, please collect your award and do me a favor, don't ever return to any Fast & Furious movies. Actually, since I don't plan on watching any movies after 7th one (due to Paul Walker's death, it's really time to end the franchise there), I don't actually care, do whatever you want.


And now, the Worst. Character. Ever. Award goes to... *sarcastic drums please* Monica Fuentes.

Even though Paul Walker died at the end of last year, I'm not writing off Brian for good. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a Jordana Brewster fanboy (though I adore her) or a Eva Mendes hater, but Monica's character just pisses me off. I mean, fine, Brian and Mia were not together by 2 Fast 2 Furious, but I don't believe Brian would have actually gotten over her, and so Monica slutting over Brian is quite unjustified. My thoughts on some scenes with her:
1) The "I ride with you cowboy" was really corny and slutty for me. Heck, if I was Brian, I would have told her to get in Rome's car, that "I need my space" or something. The flirting in the car was already bleh to me, I wish Rome would have interrupted them earlier.
2) "Both you girlies shut up"? You shut up and do not attempt to claim Brian.
3) The interest in Brian's watch in the club - she also gave off the golddigger impression.
4) Coming to warn Brian and Rome about Verone's intentions. Okay, you're doing your job, but at least don't freaking kiss Brian out of the blue! He belongs with Mia, not with you, just spill the beans and escape! Also, with Enrique and Roberto already outside, don't waste more time with your slutting and go already! Rome can't stall the goonboys forever for Christ's sake!
5) "So you trust me now?" Fine, I trust you, on condition that you stay away from Brian and don't attempt to get him interested in you. I surely hope that after Verone's incarceration Brian and Monica never saw each other again.
There you have it, that concludes my thoughts on her.

And also, since I'm a Brian/Mia shipper and totally discourage Brian/Monica: TFATF-the-fast-and-the-furious-369033_483_346

Ms. Fuentes, you may now come and collect your award, whilst getting pelted with rotten tomatoes. Now, as I said about Mr. Leo and Mr. Santos, feel free to do whatever you want.

And now this concludes he worst characters' awards session. Thank you for watching, happy Independence Day again and good night! XD

Thoughts on Most Awful Characters

Here I am again with a new post. For some reason, I decided to think about the characters in all the possible movies and TV shows I watch (not just my fanfiction fandoms) whom I like the least.
So here we go, McDanno-Fan5's Most Hated Characters of 2014 begins.

And the nominees are:

  • Cousin Oliver (The Brady Bunch), Robbie Rist

Michael "Mike" Brady (Robert Reed), a widowed father with three sons - Greg (Barry Williams), Peter (Christopher Knight) and Bobby (Mike Lookinland) marries Carol (Florence Henderson), a widowed/divorced mother (the marital status was left open) with three daughters - Marcia (Maureen McCormick), Jan (Eve Plumb) and Cindy (Susan Olsen). And that's the way we all became the Brady Bunch.
Yeah, the good old blended family of eight of a 70's family sitcom, distinguishable by the opening scene - the grid, featuring all the nine main characters - including the family's live-in housekeeper Alice (Ann B. Davis)
Even though Brady Bunch had its flaws - for example, Robert Reed often had disagreements with the producer Sherwood Schwartz, it was still very funny for me. I mean, who doesn't like Jan's famous "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" quote, being jealous of her older sister? Though my favorite character was still Bobby, the youngest Brady boy.
And my favorite scene still is from S1E10 "Every Boy Does It Once" when, after seeing Cinderella on TV, Bobby thinks that all the stepmothers and stepsisters are evil, after Marcia and Jan call him a small fry and Carol asks him to sweep the chimney. He plans to run away, only for Carol to prove him wrong and point out that the only "steps" in the Brady house are the ones that lead up to his bedroom.
    Bobby: Nobody said goodbye to me or anything and I didn't think anybody cared.
    Carol: Oh, sweetheart, everybody cares. And I bet you your baseball cards you can't guess who cares the most.
    Bobby: You? (Carol nods) Even though I'm only a step?
    Carol: Listen, the only steps in this house are those: (shows Bobby the stairs) the ones that lead up to your bedroom. So how about marching right back up there?
However, just when the Brady Bunch as the show was already dying in 1974, the creators made a very bad decision. Well, even the youngest Brady kid - Cindy was already 12 by then.
robySo the producers decided to add some new blood - Carol's 8-year old nephew Oliver, who came to live with the family while his parents went away on South America. And that really killed the Brady Bunch. Only five more episodes were made, and the show was not renewed for the 1974/1975 season. And Oliver became a trope namer - when a show wants to boost its falling ratings by adding a young kid character, but fails. So, thank you, Oliver, for killing one of my favorite sitcoms! *dripping in sarcasm*
Okay, I get it, Jan was also quite nerdy and bit of an outcast, but I understand her as she was the middle child, but a new guy, the youngest of them all, and being so nerdy? Ew.

  • Alan Jerome Harper (Two and a Half Men), Jon Cryer

Men men men men, manly men men men. Yup, that's another of my favorite sitcoms, but this time it's not from the 70s, but from 2003. Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is a rich, carefree bachelor and a total womanizer, who's life gets turned upside town when his younger brother Alan was kicked out by his ex-wife Judith (Marin Hinkle). And so, Alan begins his endless life in Charlie's house. Occasionally, his son Jake (Angus T. Jones) would also drop in for a visit (Alan normally had custody of Jake during the weekends).
Although I stopped watching Two and a Half Men after season 9 due to Charlie Sheen being fired from the show and his replacement, Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) not living up to his standards, plus Angus T. Jones leaving the show after Season 9, I still feel it's sad that so far, Alan is the only character who has appeared in all episodes of 2½M.

pic_1320975034_19Let me tell you what's my beef with Alan. He's a cheap, uptight, hypocritical nerd bastard. He has lived in his brother's guest room for practically 11 years now. Okay, it was a bit less than 3 years, before he started dating, and married Kandi (April Bowlby), one of Charlie's ex-girlfriends in spring 2006 and moved out to a condo they bought for their wedding night $500,000 Vegas casino winnings, but just four months later, she kicked Alan out and divorced him. Six years went by and Charlie died in a subway train accident in Paris. And what did Alan do? Nothing, he continued to still freeload off the next guy who then bought the house - Walden, what he still does.
During the 11-year run of the series, Alan has actually gotten his own place a few times, but it never lasted long - he was back at Charlie's guest bedroom quite quickly - a few days.
So there goes Alan, being a cheap bastard, freeloading off everybody. Heck, he fills up his car with $3 worth of gas every time, sneaks devilled eggs into movie theater, and tries to avoid checks in restaurants by going to the bathroom. Not just because of that, he's always hopeless with women. He doesn't even go on dates often, and even then he rather seeks long-term relationships (not that it's a bad thing, but it's a complete contrast from his brother), but all the women he has dated get bored of him quite quickly due to his nature.
Heck, even his son really resents him. I believe Jake really is embarrassed of Alan and rather looks up to Charlie as his role model. Heck, once after Alan and Charlie got into an argument and Alan decided to leave, he forced Jake to come with him. And Jake really was bored of "I go where you go" thing. Not to mention that just then when Jake tried to mention that Alan was too cheap to get a room in a motel, he then smacked Jake on the head just to get him to shut up. What an ass!

  • Lori Weston (Hawaii Five-0), Lauren German

The reimagining of a classic 1970s cop show Hawaii Five-O starring Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett and James MacArthur as Danny Williams. In the 2010 version, they're now played by Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan, respectively. And I gotta say, I like the new one more. At least the ones with "Core 4" - Steve and Danny, plus Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park).
However, for season 2 (2011-2012), the producers for some reason did a very wrong thing - adding a fifth character there, bashing up the dynamics. Well, following the storyline, after the murder of the previous governor, Mrs. Jameson, for which Steve was blamed, the new governor, Mr. Denning, cleared his name, but added his own rules. Previously the taskforce only had to answer to the governor, but now Denning added a few restrictions. And for 15 episodes (S2E2-S2E16), the team had to put up with the governor's new lapdog, who was making sure that they'd follow the rules - DHS profiler Lori Weston. And she really sucked.
p8130405_n252239_cc_v4_aaShe stole screentime from the Core 4, plus she wasn't really adding anything to the show. And she was getting a lot of hate from the audience, but the creator, Peter Lenkov, just ignored the complaints smugly. However, in the H50 fandom, she really is a hated character, and often the bashed/outcast one. What really annoyed me about her was when in one episode she called Danny "Danno". This nickname is only allowed to Steve and Danny's daughter Grace (Teilor Grubbs), not for some new chick from the mainland, who doesn't seem to fit into the team. It really was a relief to have the governor remove her from the taskforce in S2E16.
Not to mention that I remember seeing somewhere that a writer in the H50 fandom had run her through a Mary Sue litmus test, and she really came off as an irredeemable Sue.

  • Tego Leo and Rico Santos (Fast & Furious), Tego Calderon & Don Omar

Hey, I love Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker), but not some two annoying freaks. They appeared in the 4th and 5th movies, and really were unneccessary and annoying. The thing of them bickering with each other was really annoying, and I always thought that they should have a mute button. Well, they were bickering in Spanish, which I can't speak apart from maybe some 10 words, that made me hard to understand them. Yes, there were subtitles, but even from reading them I found their lines quite idiotic.
Fast-Five-the-fast-and-the-furious-movies-28095572-900-506How dare people call them "comic relief"?! I never found myself laughing at any of their lines, rather wishing that I was watching the movie on TiVo so I could fast-forward to the scene where they were gone. Really, if these two decided to make a sitcom together, it would be the worst ever for me. Plus the toilet scene in Fast Five. Hey, if it would have been in Tom & Jerry or really some childish movie, then I would have found the toilet explosion funny, but in Fast Five it was not a single bit funny, more like the most immature scene there. *bangs head against the wall*

  • Now I think you know this one, but I'll mention it anyway: Monica Fuentes (Fast & Furious), Eva Mendes

2-Fast-2-Furious-fast-and-furious-saga-5675862-294-400Now that really is due to my personal feelings - I'm a diehard Brian/Mia shipper for one, plus that already causes the next problem for me. Hey, when she appeared in 2 Fast 2 Furious, I was immensely annoyed. Yes, Brian and Mia were not together by then, but Monica being a slut and forcing herself on Brian without him having a choice really annoyed me. I don't believe Brian would've gotten over Mia that easily and get into a new relationship. I hate it when Brian did the "stare and drive" thing. Boy, I wish Brian wouldn't have been the Mr. Nice Guy then and allowed her to get in the car with him ("I ride with you, cowboy"), which then turned into her being dirty-flirty with him. Bleh!
Yet when she kissed Brian in the boathouse, she really hit the low point for me. Did she really think Brian would now have to take an interest in her? Argh! *smashed fist into window in frustation* I sure as hell hope that there was absolutely nothing going on between her and Brian after the movie. They just would not fit together.

Of course, there are many more characters I didn't like from all the different shows/movies, but I don't feel like adding them all here. Such as Amy Amanda Allen (the "Triple-A" sounds lame enough for me) from the A-Team plus Braga and Hobbs from Fast & Furious. About Hobbs, I really don't understand if the producers now have a fixation with MMA fighters. I sure as hell don't like that Ronda Rousey is going to be in the 7th movie.

Anyway, end of the talk. On the Independence Day, I'm gonna reveal the awards for the least favorite characters, but in the meantime, you can add your thoughts in the comments, and also vote on who was your least favorite character. And if there is a unmentioned character you dislike, feel free to tell me in the comment.

Poll #1973862 Your least favorite

Which aforementioned character(s) do you consider one of your least favorites?

Oliver (Brady Bunch)
Alan (Two and a Half Men)
Lori (Hawaii Five-0)
Tego & Rico (Fast & Furious)
Monica (Fast & Furious)
Braga (Fast & Furious)
Hobbs (Fast & Furious)

Thoughts on Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics

So I've been reading fanfiction basically for four years now, and got into writing a year or so later. Now why I said it? Because just around that time, a new trope was introduced into fanfiction: Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics. Now because some aspects of it make me feel uncomfortable, I made this post to show what are the rules for all my 'Omegaverse writings.

The original prompt came from a late-2010 Supernatural Kink Meme prompt:
“There are three types of men, alpha males, beta males and omega males. Alpha males are like any ordinary guy with the exception of their cocks, they work just like canines (the knot, tons of cum, strong breeders, etc). The beta male, is an ordinary guy without the special cock. Omega males are capable of child bearing and are often called bitch males.”

Okay, to sum it up, let's start with (re)defining the trope.

On top of the hierarchy, we have the Alphas. Now as said above, Alpha males are the special kind on top of the hierarchy. Basically, they have the special penis with a knot, based on the canid animals' bulbus clandis erectile tissue – a dog's cock is locked inside it's mating partner's vagina for some time to ensure a successful mating.

Alpha females are born with penises in place of clitoris and urethra, and they are not very fertile. Basically, their penises are half the length of Alpha males' penises, and they also have a knot. Well, as I'm not into hermaphrodites, the thing of a woman with a cock just turns me off. Not to mention that they're able to impregnate Beta females and Omegas. Now the thought or a woman impregnating a man is not only so conflicting with the laws of nature, but also purely disgusting in my opinion. *shoots self* Though the Alpha females can get pregnant themselves (by Beta or Omega males), it is highly unlikely.

A Beta male is just your average Joe: he doesn't have a knot on his cock, and can't get pregnant.

Likewise, a Beta female is your average Jane: she doesn't have a cock, and isn't hyper-fertile.

And now we come to the one that also causes me the problems: the Omegas.

It may be because I'm a guy that I hate Mpreg, which distinguishes Omega males from Alphas and Betas. Or maybe that I'm a realism lover – in RL men don't have the capabilities of bearing a child, and even in FF the thought of a man having internal female reproductive organs just disgusts me. Plus, even if possible, it would still be very unhealthy and unsafe for a man to give birth through the anus. While Omega males can also be fathers, it's a very rare case, as they're more seen as “mothers” in this trope. Although, to be honest, an Omega male really is kind of a woman in a man's body. And I believe that this trope was just created to rationalize Mpreg. Add to the fact that Omegas are almost always the “bottom” ones. Also the fact that Omega males are for some reason written to have small penises (around the size of Alpha females), is disgustingly misandristic IMO. Though as said, they can still impregnate Alpha or Beta females in rare instances.

But I feel kinda disgusted that for all the A/B/O fics, most of the Omegas are male. I especially hate Omega!Brian from Fast and the Furious fandom, as much as Brian/Monica pairing. Yuck!

Well, at least I don't read Teen Wolf and Supernatural fandoms, which seem to be the most popular fandoms for A/B/O.

However, I have no problems with Omega females. They're basically just like normal females, with the exception of being hyper-fertile, usually giving birth to two or more at the time. Now you might want to shoot me for possible misogynist language, but well, a woman is made by the nature to bear and to give birth to a child, while a man isn't. Possibly the reason why I hate Mpreg.

Practically, the Alphas and Omegas are mostly portrayed as being rare. I have no problems with that, and I can have it carried over to my personal 'Omegaverses the way I'd want it:

Alpha males – 7%; Beta males – 93%; Omega males – 0%
Alpha females – 0%; Beta females – 96.5%; Omega females – 3.5%

While I can't really redefine the trope at full, I can still add another rule for my 'Omegaverses: Alpha females and Omega males are non-existent.

F&F Fic: Hateful Goodbye Forever

Title: Hateful Goodbye Forever
Status: Work in Progress
Pairings: Brian/Monica UST, Brian/Mia
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Drama, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Season/Episodes: Starts somewhere between 2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast & Furious
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Graphic Language
Summary: Brian knew that he was in a pretty much failing relationship, but he didn't just mope around and moved on.
Author's notes: Written for the Tune-Up Challenge in dt-garage: Choose six characters you love and three characters you hate. So my first one on the list was like this: Brian is in a relationship with Monica but ends up falling for Mia.

Read the storyCollapse )

2013 in the Books

So, one year has come to an end now. I must say it was really controversial. First the Snowden scandal, then death of Tom Clancy, then the death of Paul Walker, which really crushed me as he was one of my favorite actors, but now I'm starting to slowly live with it.

But on media side, there were many very good next installations of series: A Good Day to Die Hard, Hangover Part III (Okay, maybe it wasn't that good, but I had fun watching it), Fast and Furious 6 and on video games' side we got two good games from Electronic Arts: Need For Speed: Rivals and Battlefield 4.

On personal side, I finally got out of high school in June and now I'm gonna take out a gap year, and probably a next one for 2014/2015 season if I feel like it. We'll see.

I'm on a vacation in Europe, but I'm still kind of spending days and nights in Facebook, Livejournal, Fanfiction, et cetera. Wow. Anyway, here's to the stories.

I'm slowly starting to have bunnies for "Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis" returning, which means that sometime now Ch.8 will be up.

Plus I wanted to make more Military!Brian (Navy SEAL), so I have finished the prologue for my new story, "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday". We'll see when I shall get off my lazy ass and share it with others.

As for Hawaii Five-0 fandom, I now have two stories being written. One is based on a Starsky & Hutch episode, other one is yet another AU.

And, happy 2014 to everyone and all of you!

Title: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
Work in Progress
Pairings: Brian/Mia, Dom/Letty
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama, Brian!Whump, Violence
Season/Episodes: Picks up about 13 years after „The Fast and the Furious" – circa 2014
Rating: Teen, may change to Mature
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language
Summary: AU after the end of The Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Brian has been at war in Middle East and now he really wants to come home. However, the military life has taken its toll on him and he soon sees that things aren't now quite the same as they were 13 years ago before he was shipped off. Can the old Brian be recovered?

Read the storyCollapse )

Title: The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
Work in Progress
Pairings: Brian/Mia, Dom/Letty
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama, Brian!Whump, Violence
Season/Episodes: Picks up about 13 years after „The Fast and the Furious" – circa 2014
Rating: Teen, may change to Mature
Warnings: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language
Summary: AU after the end of The Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Brian has been at war in Middle East and now he really wants to come home. However, the military life has taken its toll on him and he soon sees that things aren't now quite the same as they were 13 years ago before he was shipped off. Can the old Brian be recovered?
Author's Notes: Huh, I guess I wanted to make more Military!Brian. This time he still went to Miami, but things ended a bit differently than in the movie. In order not to waste time rehashing the movie, I'm gonna skip out most of the scenes from 2 Fast 2 Furious, only concentrating on the ones I made different.
The characters from 2 Fast 2 Furious will only make a brief appearance. Sorry, but the bunny just had to go this way. While I'll plan to have Rome in a slightly bigger capacity than the others, but that's just it. However, the characters introduced in movies after 2 Fast 2 Furious will not make an appearance.
And for the Brian!Whump warning, I've put writing those scenes on hold, due to the recent death of Paul Walker as writing them yet would be a bit disrespectful at current time. But I might get to them in the future. We'll see.

Read the storyCollapse )

Shocked. ):

What a sad day.

Today I woke up at 9.50 here in Austria and decided to check the news. And I had to learn about the untimely death of one of my favorite actors, Paul Walker.

:'( :'( :'( :'(

Paul Walker was definitely one of my favorite actors and my favorite of the Fast & Furious cast, as I personally don't idolize the huge brooding guys like Vin Diesel and Hobbs. Plus, I think he was a bit like big me, with the same blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was 6'3" while I am only 5'7". But that's not the main thing.

I don't know if I'm going to watch the future Fast & Furious movies after 7th one, as they won't have Paul Walker (and also Brian, as he was my favorite character). But I hope Brian would get a good send-off in 7th movie, I'd rather think of him and Mia finally retiring from the heists and starting their own family life with Jack (and possible future children) and not getting involved in the team's future jobs.

My heart goes out to Paul Walker's 15-year old daughter Meadow, and to his other family and friends, and to all the mourning fans and co-stars. I feel like I lost a brother today.

It's quite shocking that his death seemed a bit similar to James Dean's 58 years ago (9/30/1955). One similarity that both were in a Porsche, both were at the height of their careers and both died on the 30th day of the month (September for JD, November for PW). While Paul Walker was 16 years older than James at the time of the crash, I think he still looked young enough and striking. But the crash sites were around 150 miles away from each other.

For some reason I have loved Porsches, but I don't know if I'll ever want to drive one after what just happened to Paul. -.-

Someone please make a dedication fic to Paul Walker!

RIP Paul William Walker IV
9/12/1973 - 11/30/2013

One year older again!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...

So now I'm 19. Whoop!
Just two more years to go and I can finally drink legally. XD

Well, at least I loved the presents. :D
First, I finally got my Lenovo back, so I no longer need to use my mom's old HP. (: And a Samsung Galaxy S4. Whoop-whoop! I've really wanted one of those.

On the day I was born 19 years ago (September 23, 1994), nothing much happened. I only remember US Navy running out of their fiscal year budget just one week before the end of their FY, which forced them to cancel reserve drills. :D

But outside my birthday, my little brother is having a bit of a shitstorm. He's currently struggling with 12th grade. But again, he doesn't have college aspirations, he's rather interested in joining the military, so can I really blame him? :D

Today, twelve years ago...

It was an awful crime against our nation that happened twelve years ago in New York.

Back then, I had just gotten into 1st grade a week ago on September 3. So on this Tuesday morning at around 8 AM, I was just about to get on my way to school, when I suddenly heard my mom crying in the living room. I rushed back there and saw that the American Airlines Flight 11 had been flown into the WTC North Tower in New York. And fifteen minutes later, the United 175 was flown into South Tower. Just some three minutes later, my dad rushed in through the door and started making frantic phone calls. His older brother Patrick had been on a business trip in NYC that day, and my dad was relieved after getting a phone call that he was okay.

But my father's paternal uncle Francis (USMC 1965-1972; Sergeant/E-5) had lost one of his Vietnam War comrades there. And my family knew more people who had lost loved ones on that fateful day.

And the other day, my little bro, who's currently 16, suddenly told us that he didn't want to go to college after he graduated high school, which would be around June 2015. Maybe I'll be on my second gap year then, maybe not, but he said that he wanted to become a Navy SEAL himself. Well, out of us two Perkins brothers, he's been more courageous and vicious than me. -.- So I'm thinking, should I support his decision or attempt to talk him out of this one? He himself also said that he would not intend to retire until he has made it to Master Chief Petty Officer, that's E-9 and takes around 20 years or so to reach. Not to mention that's it's not even easy to become a Chief Petty Officer (E-7), as only around one tenth of the enlisted sailors make it past E-6 (Petty Officer 1st Class), and only around one percent of sailors reach E-9 (which is like that in all branches). So give me some advice on what to do with him if you can. To support him or not?

My Recommendation List: Fast and Furious

Author: khaleesian

  • Rewind (Brian/Dom) AU after first movie.

Author: lord_spyridon

  • Yesterday's Dreams (Brian/Mia, Dom/Letty) He was older now and no longer the young cop patrolling the streets of LA. The scars on his skin and bleeding wounds in his spirit haunted him just like the memories of exploding bombs and dead eyes did in his dreams. Was there anything left in the world that would be able to wake him up from the nightmare he found himself in or would he just fade away like the countless other soldiers who suffered in silence?

  • Light of Your Deepest Devotion (Brian/Mia) Brian and Mia spend what could be the last night between them.

  • In the Middle of the Night (Brian/Mia) The betrayal Mia felt during Brian's revelation went deeper than what anyone could have guessed...

  • Dreams We Had to Silence (past Brian/Mia) When he left, he didn't leave behind a letter for you to read or a note saying he was sorry. But he did leave one thing and that was you, his greatest pride and joy. Dedicated to Paul Walker (September 12, 1973 - November 30, 2013)

  • Dark Howls, They Are Descending (Brian/Mia) During the preparation for the operation, the LAPD never uncovered the fact that Mia was an unclaimed Omega on suppressants. Brian's suppressed wolf moves to claim her after an assault at Cha Cha Cha, causing Mia to make a difficult choice; run away from her new Alpha with her old pack or stay with Brian and be tried in court as an accomplice to the hijackings.

  • "Code 1" Series:

  1. Unforgiving (Brian/Mia, Dom/Letty) Their father had taught them family was important but what happens if blood wasn't enough? As the gusts blew from the rotors, Mia recognized the choices; her only brother who had placed them into this mess or the man she loved, the man who was an undercover officer? When making your choices in life, do not neglect to live your own.

  2. Transcending the Divide --NOT POSTED YET--

  3. Ten Double Zero --NOT POSTED YET--

  4. Redemption --NOT POSTED YET--

Author: marchling

  • "Of Twisted Technology and" Series:

  1. Of Twisted Technology and Miscommunications (Brian/Dom) Dom has a new phone, but the autocorrect is truly out of control. Hilarity ensues, for everyone but Dom.

  2. Of Twisted Technology and Torrid Romance (Brian/Dom) The autocorrect in Dom's new phone is still giving him issues. Romance is hard enough without typos.

Author: mswriter07

  • A Day with a Cop (Brian/Dom) LAPD is holding another police auction. But besides selling the usual confiscated items, they're also auctioning off a day with any of their officers. Someone bids and wins a day with Officer Brian O'Conner. But little did Brian and the bidder(s) know that they'll end up in bed together before the day is over.

Author: obuletfury302

  • Come Back Home (Brian/Dom) AU from the end of the first movie. Brian’s been at war and he wanted nothing more than to come back home. He doesn’t expect what he finds waiting for him when he finally does make it home.

  • A Different Kind of Pain (Brian/Dom) Dom gets a wakeup call. Brian’s not as okay as he seems. Soldier verse. Sequel to ‘Come Back Home.’

Author: spankedbyspike

  • And Time Stood Still (Brian/Mia) In a world in which Vampires, Werewolves and other Supernatural creatures coexist silently with humans, a fortuitous encounter leads an Alpha Vampire from Miami to fight for his soul mate’s love no matter the differences that separate them.

Author: wolfspirit07

  • Beauty and His Beast (Brian/Vince) Brian and Vince's wedding is a tale as old as time.

  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Brian/Carter) Monica watches as her role in Carter's life changes, and she doesn't like what she sees.

  • The Beginning and the End (Brian/Vince) Brian could barely believe it when he realized it. Sure, he’d come across his share of Omegas in his time, even the rarer male variety. He had just never met an Omega so, well, Vince-like.

  • Brian's Omegas (Brian/Dom/Vince/Carter) Leaving his two Omegas behind was the hardest thing Brian ever had to do. But as the Alpha, it was his job to protect them. By doing that, he didn't expect to find another Omega to take under his wing. Carter had no way of knowing that a predatory Alpha had just locked him in his sights.

Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis (Chapter 7)
Brian O'Conner/Mia Toretto

Ch.7Collapse )

Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis (Chapter 6)
Brian O'Conner/Mia Toretto (UST currently, reconciliation in next chapter)

Ch.6Collapse )

Damn Laptop..

Wow, now that's funny. My parents suddenly sent me and my little brother, who's currently 16 and a high school junior, up north here to Lafayette to stay with our paternal grandparents. So what are they going to do down there at Evansville? Do I even want to know that? Or if they sent us up here to our paternal grandparents, does it mean that they're going to visit our maternal ones, who live in North Carolina? XD

And on top of that, my laptop, my precious Lenovo Y580, suddenly decided to crash. Three days ago it suddenly just wouldn't start and thus I had to send it to Evansville for a repair. And I don't have my old laptop, the Y560, anymore for my own use. Note to self, Jimmy: Don't give your old laptop to your brother just because you got a new one.

Which means that I'm currently stuck with my mom's old HP 8530w. That one only has 4 GB RAM and the old Core 2 Duo processor. Damn, couldn't she have given me her Dell Inspiron 15R that has 8 GB and i5 processor? Yeah, my Lenovo had an i7, but an i5 is still way better than a C2D. But I understand her, as the Dell is her current laptop, so she probably wouldn't loan me that -.- I'll survive the 4 GB RAM and C2D, but her old laptop still has the dreadful Windows Vista that I hate.

But luckily I had still backed up my stories to my USB flashdrive, so I can recover them from there. Man, I really have overwhelmed my muse as I'm currently simultaneously working on three stories, none of them one-shots.

First one is Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis chapter 6. That one is nearly done, just need to add a few things here and there.

Second story is sort of Brian's life through the years, as Brian O'Conner is still my character of main interest in Fast & Furious fandom.

Third one is a follow-up to the sixth movie - the characters lives after that one, and some drama they will get caught up in. It will eventually follow up to seventh movie. Yeah, I haven't seen it yet as it will be released a year later, so it's just my thoughts.

Note to self, Jimmy: Get your priorities straight and focus on one story at the time.

I want my Lenovo back!!! Mostly for the Windows 7 Home Premium I had on it (I don't intend to update to Windows 8 since it's a laptop, not a table or a hybrid and has no touchscreen, as IMO W8 isn't very good on PCs.) Already don't like the Vista after using it for the first time after five years.


Yeah! Finally I'm done with high school, which means freedom (: No more Advanced Placements (yay)! And I'm not planning to go to college yet, heck, I'm going to take a gap year instead, and maybe even a second one next year. Sadly though, I won't be able to spend the whole year just writing new fics and playing video games, otherwise my mom might probably kick me out -.- But I'll try to get as much as possible free time to continue with my stories and maybe also write new ones. See where my muse goes.

As for Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis, I'm currently working on Chapter 6. And I'm trying to come up with ideas how to make it look less like the 4th movie rehash.

Then I should find some time to go and see Fast & Furious 6. Yet I'm not really interested in the 7th movie, because it will take part after Tokyo Drift, which in my opinion was totally craptacular, Come on, Lucas Black and the teen felon Sean? Epic fail, won't compare to Paul Walker and Brian O'Conner in any way. And even worse was Bow Wow, reminded me of some kind of annoying nerd.

But to end with positive note, I'm thinking of pre-ordering Battlefield 4. I already have Battlefield 3 with all the expansions and Medal of Honor: Warfighter (I don't know what is it with all the hate for this game), and now I think BF4 would be even perfect. Might have to sell my Bad Company 2 for this, though.

I think that should be all for now, as I'm currently staying up late. But what the hell, YOLO. :D

F&F Fic: Goodbye, For Now

Title: Goodbye, For Now
For: lord_spyridon
Author: mcdanno_fan5
Brian O'Conner/Mia Toretto, Vince/Rosa
Rating: Teen
Warning: None
Size: 2,133 words
Summary: Missing scene from Fast Five. Brian and Vince talk during "Fast Five" and come to a truce before V's death.
Author's notes: No past Mia/Vince, not even mentions. This and Brian/Monica are pairings I consider a no-go. Sorry.

Goodbye, For NowCollapse )
Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis (chapter 5)
Currently none.
Additional categories: Alternate universe
Ch.5Collapse )
Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis - Chapter 4
Pairings: Currently none.
Additional categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Adventure, Angst, Drama
Ch.4Collapse )

Thanks to lord_spyridon for doing a quick overlook. Yet I might have to think of getting a beta.
Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis - Chapter 3
Pairings: Currently none.
Additional categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Adventure, Angst, Drama
Read more...Collapse )
Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis - Chapter 2
Pairings: Currently none.
Additional categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Adventure, Angst, Drama

Read more...Collapse )
Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis - Chapter 2
Pairings: Currently none.
Additional categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Adventure, Angst, Drama

Ch.2Collapse )
Title: Brian O'Conner, Semper Fidelis
Status: WiP
Pairings: Currently none.
Additional Categories: Alternate Universe
Genre: Action, Adventure, Angst, Drama
Season/Episodes: End of The Fast and the Furious - 2001
Ratings: Teen
Chapter 1Collapse )

The writer-fanboy

I've been a fanfiction reader since September 2010, when I was sixteen, but I jumped on the authors' bandwagon a year later, in 2011, when I published my first story on Fanfiction.net. It was in "The Fast and The Furious" fandom, but I have decided to take it down around early 2012. Probably not the best idea, when I look back on it. Then I tried again writing the same story with same plotlines twice, but both times I ended up taking it down.

Then in 2012 I discovered Hawaii Five-0 for myself, and I also became a H50 fanboy. There are also quite many fandoms I like, but I'm not going to list them here.

Anyway, my two favorite fandoms are:

The Fast and the Furious

My main interest is Brian O'Conner. The former Barstow, California native juvenile delinquent, who became a cop in LAPD, then turned on them and became a fugitive, then joined the FBI and after that became an international fugitive again over the series.
Personally, the only OTP as I see it is Brian O'Conner/Mia Toretto. As for Mia, she's the only girl perfect for Brian - Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster surely do (or should I say did?) have this natural chemistry between them. While Mia was absent in second movie, I found the thing with Brian and the federal agent Monica Fuentes too disturbing and felt like "hey, this should belong to 'kill-it-with-fire' box". Quite possibly, Paul & Eva Mendes chemistry didn't quite compare to Paul/Jordana chemistry in any way. However, despite that, the main pairing in the fandom seems to be Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto to me. While I don't really hate Brian/Dom slash, it's just not something I would write. However, I really love Brian/Dom friendship. I mean, in Fast Five Brian mentioned about his father never being there which means he didn't have a stable family, so quite probably he is seeing Dom as an older brother figure. I really love to dig deep into Brian's past.

I just cannot bring myself to read stories in which Brian does not appear. Sadly, though, most of the stories in the fandom are Dom/Letty, even though I have no problem with it, or Brian/Dom.

EDIT: Even though Paul Walker died on November 30, 2013, I still refuse to write off Brian. He was and will be my favorite character. plus if we keep him alive, then the memory of Paul Walker will still live on in our hearts. So I'm going to continue writing Brian fics. But PW's death has still affected me to the extent that iI'm absolutely refusing to write any Brian deathfics.

Hawaii Five-0
I'm equally interested in both Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams. Steven J. McGarrett is a Navy SEAL with the Lieutenant Commander (O-4) rank and the native haole. His mother was presumably killed in a car bomb explosion in 1992, when he was sixteen, and then his father John decided to send him and his younger sister Mary away to mainland. Eventually, Steve graduated from Annapolis, Maryland US Naval Academy and became a SEAL. But in 2010, his father was killed by arms dealer Victor Hesse, whom Steve had been tracking for quite long, and then Steve returned to Hawaii and eventually became the head of governor's task force.
As for Daniel Williams, he is a New Jersey boy. He became a cop and later married Rachel, a British woman who was in U.S. for the first time when she crashed into his squad car. They got married and had a daughter named Grace, but later Rachel was finding it hard to be married to a cop. They got divorced and then Rachel remarried and moved to Hawaii. However, Danny still wanted to be close to his daughter, so he eventually got transferred to Honolulu Police Department. And in 2010, he was the Detective investigating the murder of Steve's father, and that was when Steve made him his partner on the task force.
I really love that Danny is a good father. I mean, he could have stayed behind in his native NJ, but he still wanted to be more than just the "holiday dad", for which he moved to Hawaii. While Danny and Steve are complete opposites, with Danny being the young hot-headed by-the-book cop and Steve being calm, in control and making rules on the way, which also includes once throwing a suspect into a shark tank and hanging another suspect off the roof. And for this, they often argue. But nevertheless, even though Danny tries to hide it, he and Steve are best friends and completely trust each other. They often drive a gray 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. It's Danny's car, but is mostly driven by Steve. And in the Camaro they often have their "carguments", which I'm a fan of.
I also love the natives: Chin Ho Kelly and his cousin Kono Kalakaua.

However, I really hate the Season 2 character Lori Weston. She's a Department of Homeland Security profiler from mainland, and was assigned to the taskforce by the new governor, who took away the taskforce's original immunity. to make sure that the Five-0 follows orders. She was a total Mary Sue, if not worse, and when she was gone in Episode 16, I sighed with relief.

As for the OTP, I think it's Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams (or as the fanboys/fangirls say, McDanno.) And even Alex O'Loughlin, who plays Steve, said that he and Scott Caan (Danny) would be the "bromance of the decade". While I think that sometime it would be time to take the "b" out of "bromance" :D This is quite much the only fandom I like slash in.

I'm a fan of the 2010 Hawaii Five-0. The Aussie O'Loughlin and Scott Caan really appeal to me (heck, they only have a one-day age difference - August 23, 1976 for Scott and August 24, 1976 for Alex). But Australia and LA are both in different timezones, so probably they were born only some hours apart.
However, the 1968 original one with Jack Lord and James MacArthur sadly didn't quite interest me.

Anyway, I'll mention here about the pairings for different fandoms:

The Fast and The Furious movie series (2001-present)

OTP: Bria (Brian O'Conner/Mia Toretto).
Character of main interest: Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker)

Other pairing I like:
Dominic Toretto/Leticia "Letty" Ortiz as side pairing to Bria
Pairing I sometimes read but don't write: Brian O'Conner/Dominic Toretto
Pairings I totally dislike: Mia Toretto/Vince. Of course, for that pairing I'll make an exception when there is a Brian/Dom pairing present, but sadly I don't write Brian/Dom and don't intend to, in the nearest future at least.
Brian O'Conner/Monica Fuentes. Total dislike for I'm an avid Bria fan, and I think Brian/Monica is an unsolved crime of century that should be punishable by lethal injection. But:
1) There are no Brian/Monica stories as far as I know.
2) Even if there were any, I still would not go on a crusade and would stick to "don't like, don't read".

Character I extremely hate: Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes). She's a Customs/FBI agent working with Brian and Rome in 2nd movie. Yeah, Mia was not present in second movie, but I still didn't like Monica and when she was all so flirty with Brian (and also kissed him), I recoiled in disgust.

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)

OTP: McDanno (Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams) or McRoll (Steve McGarrett/Catherine Rollins) with Danny Williams/Rachel Edwards
Characters of main interest: Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin), Danny Williams (Scott Caan)

Other pairings I like:
Danny Williams/Kono Kalakaua, Danny Williams/Mary Ann McGarrett

Pairing that doesn't interest me: Danny Williams/Gabrielle Asano. I have nothing against Gabby, but then again, I don't think the relationship between her and Danny (from S2E4) would last. The fact that in S3, she was only present in the finale, adds to the fact. Plus I think Danny/Rachel interests me more.

Pairings I totally dislike: McKono (Steve McGarrett/Kono Kalakaua). Methinks Catherine (or Danny, hahaha :D:D:D) is more Steve's style than Kono.
McWeston (Steve McGarrett/Lori Weston). I really see Lori as an annoying turd, and think she should have not been added to the Five-0 task force in Season 2.

Character I extremely hate: Lori Weston (Lauren German). She's the annoying DHS profiler assigned to the task force by the new governor, Samuel Denning, to ensure that the taskforce follows rules set by him, and also because he thought her profiling skills might be useful for the team. But the majority (I think) of H50 fans hated her and when she was forced to resign in S2E16, I sighed with relief.

For all fandoms, things I hate: Mpreg, b!p, g!p, A/B/O if too stereotypical (such as in Fast & Furious, writers usually have Dom as Alpha and Brian as Omega and in Five-0 Steve as Alpha and Danny as Omega.)

Grand opening!

Hey folks, I finally discovered LJ for myself. I've been around for a while, but only in the quarter_mile and h50_bunny communities. But now I also decided to move to LJ, considering that I'm a part-time writer and a fanboy. I've been a fanfic reader since 2011, when I was sixteen, but now I'm also a writer.

Btw, here's my Fanfiction.net account: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2714054/

I already have some stories written there. I'm also gonna post them here when I have time. So, when you want updates, stay tuned at either here or at FF.net.

I think that's all for first post.

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